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Training Manual on Agrobiodiversity and Farmers’ Rights

Agricultural biodiversity or Agrobiodiversity is directly linked with food and nutritional security and also plays a pivotal role in both CC adaptation and mitigation. It is indispensable to achieving multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. Smallholder farmers across the globe are considered as custodians of local agrobiodiversity who conserve, utilize and maintain genetic resources in their communities. Increasing frequency and intensity of climate induced hazards compels smallholder farmers to suffer more productivity and diversity loss impacting their livelihood, food and nutritional security. On the other hand, inadequate policy exists and its poor implementation, limited literacy on existing policies and lack of skill for advocacy has exacerbated the adversities and put threats on securing farmers’ rights in the sector. The awareness on the importance of resource conservation among the communities, policy makers, institutions, is utmost for increasing policy coherence required which ultimately supports the mainstreaming concept of sustainable use of natural resources. There is a knowledge gap among the agriculture extension worker, frontline staffs, social workers, farmers’ rights activist and academicians with regards to agricultural biodiversity and farmers’ rights. Thus, in order to increase the capacity and sensitize them on agrobiodiversity and farmers’ rights, this training manual named “Training manual on Agrobiodiversity and Farmers’ Rights” has been developed.