Blog Guidelines

We invite your opinions and points of view on some of the major policy issues confronting extension and advisory services in South Asia. For instance, what needs to be done to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of extension and advisory provision to different types of farmers? What new roles extension should play considering the nature of changes in agriculture and rural economy? What new approaches are being currently tried to Provide improved Extension support and what lessons could be drawn from these?

  • We will post entries that make an argument on public policy issues of importance in extension irrespective of our agreement with the author’s point of view.
  • Blog entries should be between 1800 -2000 words. They should be original contributions and not pieces that have been published elsewhere.
  • Please provide links for articles or studies referred to in your piece.
  • Blog entries should avoid personal attacks and undue partisanship.
  • We may edit your submission lightly for clarity and grammar. In all cases, we will have you review and approve a final draft of the piece before posting.
  • We will run a short disclaimer before guest posts stating that the post reflects the opinions of the author and not of AESA.
  • Please include a title for your post and brief (20 words maximum) biographical or background information that can appear in the introduction to the post.
  • Send your submission in an e-mail or Word document to
  • We look forward to hearing from you!