Pakistan Association for Advancement of Agricultural Extension Education (PAAEE)

Agricultural Extension in Pakistan-Overview

This link provides an overview of Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services in Pakistan— 

Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export company

Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Company under Ministry of Commerce support farmers to locate a global market for their horticultural products

Fisheries development Board

Its act as a platform for enhancing and promoting fisheries sector in Pakistan.

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) 

This apex national organization works closely in collaboration with other federal and provincial institutions in the country to provide science based solutions to Pakistan agriculture.

Rural Support Programme Network 

The Rural Support Programmes Network, a non-profit company by the Rural Support Programmes (RSPs) of Pakistan. The RSPs involve poor communities (mainly but not exclusively rural) in improved management and delivery of basic services through a process of social mobilization. 

PAKISSAN (Pakissan Agri Professionals and Institutes Network) 

It provides useful information on all aspects related to agriculture in Pakistan and also provides analysis of current issues in Pakistan agriculture.

Institute of Rural Management 

It attempts to improve the capacity of the rural people by imparting vocational skills and contributing to economic growth of the poor households. It also focuses on developing a team of professionals from different sectors who could understand the development objectives and methodologies of poverty reduction and capacity building of rural masses and environment conservation. 

Sustainable Development Policy Institute

Its mission is to conduct policy advice, policy oriented research and advocacy from a broad multi-disciplinary perspective and promote the implementation of policies, programs, laws and regulations based on sustainable development. 

Agri Live

It is an e newspaper from Agri Livestock Bureau Pakistan and it provides news and views on latest developments in agricultrue and livestock in Pakistan. 

Pakistan Academy for Rural Development

Located at Peshawar, it is an autonomous organization under Government of Pakistan imparting inservice training and research on various aspects of rural development administration. It also carries out research and experimentation as well in the related fields to support training. 

A model for ICT based services for agriculture extension in Pakistan

DFID’s research strategy 2008-2013 includes elements that focus on finding ways to utilize new technologies for poverty alleviation. The use of new technology in alleviating poverty will only be achieved if people are convinced of its value and if it is easily accessible, easy to use and affordable. The aim of this project is to identify factors inhibiting or constraining the adoption of new technologies and to identify mechanisms of overcoming these constraints. This present research was done to test the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), specifically mobile phones, in providing actionable information to poor farmers, as part of the extension infrastructure in Pakistan.