We invite you to share good practices in extension and advisory provision in South Asia based on your personal experience with promoting/studying such good practices so that others in the region can learn from your insights.What is a good practice?

“A good practice is simply a process or a methodology that represents the most effective way of achieving a specific objective. Some people prefer to use the term ‘good practice’ as in reality it is debatable whether there is a single ‘best’ approach – and of course approaches are constantly evolving and being updated. So another way of defining a good practice is one that has been proven to work well and produce good results, and is therefore recommended as a model. The essence of identifying and sharing good practices is to learn from others and to re-use knowledge. The biggest benefit consists in well developed processes based on accumulated experience.” (SDC, 2004)

Good practices in Extension and Advisory Provision Some of the potential topics include:

  • Application of ICTs
  • Ways of reaching effectively women and socially excluded groups
  • Linking farmers to markets
  • Capacity Development
  • Decentralisation of extension
  • Financing of extension
  • Role of Farmer Organisations
  • Partnerships and Collaboration
  • Addressing Nutrition through extension
  • Pluralism and Co-ordination
  • Extension Policy Development
  • Adaptation to climate change

Basic OutlineThe audience for good practice could range from policy makers to farmer organizations; from extension scholars to extension researchers and from agri-business companies to extension managers. The maximum length for each good practice should be 4 (A-4) pages (including relevant pictures/tables if any).

  • The Synopsis of the good practice (like and abstract, one paragraph max 300 words)
  • Your Contact details (including email)
  • Context and why it was used (what challenges the good practice tried to address)
  • Good practices (discusses its features)
  • Challenges (problems/constraints associated with the initial deployment of best practice and how these were addressed)
  • Benefit and Impact
  • Sustainability and Scaling Up
  • Lessons Learned (including what needs to be done to promote this practice more widely)
  • Additional links/References

Send your submission in an e-mail or Word document to We look forward to hearing from you!

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