Guideline for Authors

AESA: My Meeting Notes
  • We invite you to write notes about any events that you have participated which have some implications for those involved and interested in strengthening extension and advisory services.
  • We expect a reflection of your learnings from participation in the event (workshop/conference/seminar/training) and not proceedings (who chaired or co-chaired the meeting, the title of all the sessions and the names and designation of presenters). Meeting notes are informal and are mostly a personal account of the note taker(s); while, proceedings are formal official accounts of the event.
  • Through My Meeting Notes, we are keen to publish accounts of self-reflected, summarized, easy-to-go-through and key takeaways of an event that the author has participated. You may also include how you are going to use the learnings/new insights you gained from the event in your work environment.
  • The suggested word limit for the note is 1200-1500.
  • Kindly email your submission as a MS-Word document to
  • Please include the title/ topic of the event, the days, venue, name of the organisers on the top.
  • We also need a few relevant pics (group photo and a few pics from the varied section with titles for all the pics shared). We also need author pics. (All the pics have to be finally shared as separate image files)