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The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP), is a multi-layer dynamic facilitation mechanism comprising 45 global, regional and national partners, representing agricultural research, education and extension, and international technical, development and funding agencies1 . TAP was launched as a G20 initiative in 2012, and its purpose is to improve efficiency and effectiveness of capacity development programmes and knowledge sharing to strengthen agricultural innovation systems in the tropics and sub-tropics2 . By fostering greater coherence among partners for more harmonised action and greater mutual accountability, TAP contributes to:
(i) developing innovation capacities in three major dimensions – policy/enabling environment and at organisational and individual level;
(ii)- strengthening relevant technical and “soft” skills of research, extension and education actors and
(iii) improving knowledge and information exchange to enhance linkages for joint learning. The ultimate beneficiaries are small and medium scale agricultural producers and enterprises, especially youth and women.