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Election of the TAP Steering Committee 2022-2024

The Newsletter of the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP) provides regular updates on activities by TAP and its partners, on the  projects and on upcoming events. This issue specifically refers to the period from February 2022 to April 2022.

At the beginning of this year, the election of the Steering Committee (SC) 2022-2024 took place. As per the TAP Charter, TAP SC members and observers are elected every two years, and could serve for two consecutive terms. The TAP SC consists of up to eleven members preferably from different regions and types of organizations.

The new elected 2022-2024 TAP SC is composed as follow:
1. Max Olupot (AFAAS, new TAP Chair)
2. Guido Bonati (CREA, TAP Vice-Chair)
3. Aurelie Toillier (Agreenium)
4. Stephen Onakuse and/or Ioannis Dimitriou (Agrinatura)
5. Hao Weiping (CAAS)
6. Reinhold G. Muschler (CATIE)
7. Dongxin Feng (FAO)
8. James French (GCHERA)
9. Hildegard Lingnau (GFAR)
10. Rasheed Sulaiman (GFRAS)
11. Maria Isabel Paredes (RELASER)
12. Liu Guodao (CATAS, observer)
13. Darrell Sexstone (EC, observer)
14.Helena Posthumus (DeSIRA Lift, observer).