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TAP Newsletter-January 2022

The 8th Tropical Agricultural Platform (TAP) Partners Assembly was successfully organized during the week of November 22-26, 2021. The weeklong event consisted of two virtual meetings attended exclusively by TAP partners and seven virtual side events attended by a wider audience.

The TAP Partner meetings were held on November 23 and 24, 2021, and were attended by approximately 35 participants from partner organizations and the TAP Secretariat. The purpose of the meetings was, among other things, to discuss and receive input from members on the third TAP Action Plan 2022-2025, to improve coordination and cooperation among partners and to learn about the progress of the TAP, its key achievements and outreach activities. At the end of the meetings, several key statements were noted by the TAP Secretariat that will serve to further develop the new 2022-2025 Action Plan. Some of these main points were: TAP Engagement and Expansion Strategy is critical to increase partner participation and engagement; synergies among donors are important to meet the global demand for agricultural innovation; integration of TAP Common Framework (CF) into agroecology and higher education curricula is crucial; policy, especially at the individual and institutional levels, is critical to best promote AIS; a focus on the science-policy interface is essential.