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Harvesting Change: Harnessing emerging technologies and innovations for agrifood systems transformation

We find ourselves amidst an era marked by an unprecedented polycrisis, where our agrifood systems grapple with intricate challenges that demand immediate attention. In the face of this complexity, technology and innovation emerge as powerful tools, capable of hastening the transformation towards agrifood systems that are not only resilient but also sustainable and inclusive. A critical aspect of this transformation lies in bridging the gap between the inception of a technology or innovation and its practical application. Success in this endeavor hinges on the creation of an environment conducive to maximizing benefits and minimizing challenges posed by potentially disruptive technologies. This report, employing foresight methodologies such as horizon scanning, scenario building, and strategic foresight, aims to address the knowledge gap surrounding emerging agrifood technologies and innovations across different time horizons—ranging from 2030 to 2050 and beyond.