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Global investments in agricultural research: Where are we and where are we going?

Well-funded agricultural research and development (R&D) systems play an important role in transforming agrifood systems and helping countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The advantages of investing in agricultural R&D are also clear from looking at the past, where a wide range of studies have clearly demonstrated the substantial benefits that resulted from investments in agricultural R&D. The importance of investing in R&D has also been highlighted by governments on numerous occasions in intergovernmental settings. Gathering, compiling and analysing multi-year, multi-country datasets on investments in agricultural R&D are complicated tasks that require a lot of meticulous work and dedication. Only a small number of groups have worked actively in this specialized area. In some cases, they have used different procedures for gathering data on public and private sector investments in agricultural research.

This report reviews the current situation and trends regarding investments in agricultural R&D in the world and presents some clear results that emerge from recent studies.