Bangladesh ICT's

How can ICTs be used and appropriated to address agricultural information needs of Bangladeshi farmers?

This paper investigates the use and appropriation of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) by rural Bangladeshi farmers. It examines farmers’ information needs and how and to what extent those needs can be addressed through the use of different ICT tools and applications and their appropriation in the settings of rural Bangladesh. It has been suggested that ICT applications and services can enable farmers to obtain information on input and output prices, the weather and so forth. The information provided needs to be situationally relevant if it is to enable farmers to improve their farm income and/or reduce their production cost. It is also important to investigate whether or not farmers find it easy to access the information, generated by ICTs. The paper attempts to examine these issues from the point of view of the target beneficiaries – the rural farmers using an action research approach.

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