AESA Publications Working Paper

AESA Working Paper 2 on Extension Research in India: Current Status And Future Strategies, P Sethurman Sivakumar and Rasheed Sulaiman V- December 2015

“Extension research in India is currently not providing either fresh insights for extension policy or any guidance on the practice of extension. The review of articles published in two of the most important extension journals clearly revealed the current shortcomings in extension research. To improve the situation, alternative theories, models and methods are suggested in the research domains of adoption and impact studies, technology forecasting, attitude and belief measurement, perception and use of ICTs. The paper also suggests several measures to improve the methodological rigor in research, develop mastery over research and multivariate analyses, revamp curriculum to address emerging needs and energise professional societies to bring about professionalism in extension research and develop competent work force to deal with the new challenges facing extension in India”.