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IFAD-BAEN-AESA: Leadership Training for the Rural Youth Lead Farmers

A two day long residential training was held on 07-08 January 2022 at Mushroom Development Institute (MDI), in Savar, Dhaka. It is the apex Research and Training Institution under Department Agricultural Extension. The training was arranged by The Society for Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Network (BAEN) with the financial assistance given by International Fund for Agriculture and Development (IFAD). A total 25 participants took part in the training program. The 21 trainees were selected from five different NGOs namely: (Society Development Committee-SDC, Society for Development Initiatives-SDI, Bangladesh Association for Social Advancement- BASA Founadation, Sabalambi Unnayan Sangtha-SUS, and Jamalpur Adarsha Chashi-JAC) who are working with collaboration of PKSF banner. In the selection process of participants IFAD Local Chapter personnel help a lot to choosing them.  Both male and female participants were selected age varying from 25-40 years. All of the participants were leaders of their concerned NGO groups.


The training was designed in order for achieving the following objectives by the participants:

  • To explain the idea of leader and leadership.
  • To identify the do’s and don’ts of a farmer leader in their own community.
  • To describe the stages of a team growth and the problems and solutions in each stage.
  • To identify the elements of communication process and barriers of communication.
  • To explain the concept of agricultural entrepreneur and the steps to become a model entrepreneur in agricultural farming.
  • To determine the differences between gender and sex and the gender discriminations.
  • To describe the roles of a farmer leader to minimize the gender discriminations.
  • To prioritize the community needs and become acceptable to fulfil the needs.
  • To identify the existing and future scopes of digitalization in agriculture in Bangladesh.
  • To formulate a business plan for self-initiated agricultural enterprises.