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AESA Governance Board Meeting 8 May 2021

AESA Governance Board Meeting, we reviewed the progress of AESA and discussed the draft AESA Strategic Plan (2021-2026). The strategic plan will soon be finalised based on the comments and suggestions from today’s meeting. The meeting had participants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, SAARC Agricultural Centre and AESA Secretariat.

We thank all the participants (Abdul Saboor Rahmani from Afghanistan; Sekender Ali and Afzal Bhuiyan from Bangladesh; P Chandrasekhara, Saravanan Raj and Mahesh Chander from India; Niru Dahal Pandey, Mahesh Jaishi and Yamuna Ghlae from Nepal; Muhammad Ali and Abdur Rashid Chaudhary from Pakistan; Padmasiri Wanigasundera and Krishantha Wikramsinghe from Sri Lanka; and Baktear Hossain from the SAARC Agricultural Centre for sparing their valuable time and providing useful inputs.

We are grateful to Guru Naik for developing the draft strategic plan and presenting the findings and priority action points in the strategic action plan. The meeting was facilitated by Rasheed Sulaiman and Nimisha Mittal from CRISP/AESA Secretariat.

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