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BLOG-59: Values and Competencies in Agricultural Extension

The contribution of extension could be further accentuated if the extension professionals adopt certain human positive values. A parallel investment for development of positive values through pre-service, induction, and in-service trainings is essential for the success of any agricultural extension worker. In this blog, Dr SVN Rao and Dr PVK Sasidhar emphasise these values which every extension workers must imbibe and internalise.

Dr S V N Rao retired as Professor & Head in the department of Veterinary and AH Extension Education, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Veterinary Education and Research,  Puducherry.  Email:

Dr. P. V. K. Sasidhar is Associate Professor, School of Extension and Development Studies, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi. Email:



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  • Well articulated blog. Congratulations to Prof. SVN Rao & Dr. Sasidhar Pvk. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog. These days, values, ethics, honesty…are very rarely seen among very few….Again, it is big question- Is it possible to teach values to somebody?. I believe values need to be imbibed from the good teachers, parents, role models in work environment, society etc…..Once again, congratulations to the authors for writing a blog on this important aspect of life (not only for extension profession)

  • Dr.Rangnekar Dear Sir, Thanks for your suggestions. I agree with your suggestions regarding giving respect and weightage to Farmers wisdom and also the need for the extension workers to empathise with the farmers situations while planning extension Programmes. 2. Dr.Mruthyunjaya Dear Sir, It is true that all these values and ethics will be useful for those who would like to lead a purposeful life. 3. Dr.Ramkumar Yes, I agree corruption need not be restricted to accepting bribes. Not doing the work assigned to him or her is also considered as corruption. If everybody does the work assigned to him or her there will be very few problems in the society. Hence, it is said, if a person neglects the work assigned to him and instead he performs other works even extremely well is considered as a sin. Bhagavadgita lays emphasis on Do your duty to the best of your ability and leave the consequences to the Almighty. 4. Dr.Mahesh Chander I agree that professionalization cannot be a panacea for all the ills of any profession and extension is not an exception to this. One thing is sure that the professionalisation and materialism are positively related. It is worth discussing these issues raised by you at appropriate fora.

  • Our education system makes most of us literates but not necessarily educated.Value education is therefore extremely important and has become even more important now.The article is very timely inspiring and makes everyone to look inwards.Congrats to authors

  • Thanks for circulating the paper by Dr. Rao and Dr. Sasidhar two learned and experienced Professors and as expected the paper is very interesting and thought provoking. As a practitioner I am tempted to put across two suggestions for consideration of these two learned persons How about adding in Box 1. Extension Professionals Creed the following I believe and respect experience and knowledge, passed on from generation to generation, of the farmers and would it full consideration. Related to Box 2 An effective extension worker has the inclination and ability to place oneself in farmers situation to understand why they are doing what they are doing before making suggestions for change

  • Impressive and timely work by Prof. S. V.N Rao and Dr Sasidhar…lots to learn. would like to add two thoughts: 1. Not doing the job for which we are paid is corruption. 2. Not inventing the best of a person often results in underutilized human resource. Teachers have a big role in identifying the potentials of students and building confidence in utilizing it for the public… but then extension teachers need to have this ability first..( smae works froo extension workers and farmers!) It is in this context I feel that options of pre-service, induction, and in-service trainings gain greater importance

  • No doubt values and ethics are equally important along with competency in any profession dealing people. Such training is also important for teaching/training professionals for positive delivery. I congratulate Dr. Rao and Shashidhar for the initiative

  • Thanks for the article on this very topical subject Values in Extension.The virtues of values cannot be negated even in the contemporary materialistic society. My appreciation to the authors and best wishes to the serious readers who still stick on to ethics in public life

  • Thanks for sending an invaluable blog. It contains a must message for not only agricultural extension, but every subject, everyone in this planet. The message comes from very senior, particularly Dr.Rao who have not only professed but practiced it in their life and profession. I liked Box 1 and Figure by Sri Sri Ravishankar. They are very effective and useful to live a purposeful life. My congrats to both the authors. I wish Dr.Rao a happy, healthy and long life beyond superannuation!

  • This is area of high significance, addressed beautifully by Dr Rao & Dr Sasidhar, congratulations to them for their efforts to highlight the importance of values & ethics. This is one neglected area in the extension discipline.A lit bit related to this , recently I came across a questionnaire, wherein, we were supposed to respond not only most important advantages of professionalization, but also the disadvantages of professionalization of Agricultural Extension services. This second part is a bit difficult to answer, especially when we consider professionalization as panacea for all the problems in the discipline! our colleagues may like to discuss this aspect- should we go for professionalization of extension services in India, or we are just fine with little bit of adjustments here & there???

  • Thank you Rao sir and Sasidhar sir for an interesting and well valued blog…Apart from extensional professionals, this blog would be a great eye opener for all kinds of professionals and human beings..Thank you AESA for bringing out the blog.