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BLOG-58: Farmers’ Fairs: Can We Make Them Impactful?

The Kisan Melas or Farmers Fairs are considered as important mechanism to popularize agricultural technologies among farmers. But in recent times, the organizers of such agro fairs are finding it difficult to attract the farming communities. In this blog, Dr Tanusha and Dr Mahesh Chander suggest ways to make these fairs more effective and meaningful to farmers.


Ms Tanusha is a PhD Scholar (

Dr. Mahesh Chander ( is Principal Scientist and Head,

Division of Extension Education at ICAR- Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar-243 122 (UP) India.



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  • My compliments to Dr.Tanusha and Dr.Mahesh Chander for giving valid suggestions to improve the effectiveness of farmers fairs in the county. I agree that Rs.15 to 20 cores, total amount spent on these melas in a year is negligible compared to the benefits these fairs provide to the public in general and farmers in particular. These melas when organised by various ICAR institutes/ SAUs at their respective head quarters like Delhi, Karnal, Ludhiana, Hisar, Pantnagar etc. will attract mostly the people located in a radius of may be 20 kms. Hence, I suggest that in addition to organising at these central places these melas need to be organised may be on a small scale at district head quarters ( on rotation ) in collaboration with various agricultural and allied departments. This will make these shows accessible to the farmers located in areas far away from the institute head quarters. I wish that the State Depts. of Agriculture and Animal husbandry follow the example of The National Livestock Show being organised by the Department of Animal Husabdry, Punjab at Muktsar as pointed out by the authors. It is high time to study i) the nature of the visitors and ii) ii) what they expected and iii) what they got from visiting such Farmers fares /exhibitions/shows. These shows must focus on three important aspects things to see (knowledge), things to do (skill) and things to sell to cater to different categories of visitors to make them more effective

  • These type of fairs are very usefull to pass on New Technologies to farmers of far away locations in one group in single programme. GOOD LUCK TO ALL PARTICIPANTS.