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Training-cum-Workshop on Strengthening Extension-Policy Interface held on 9-11 November 2016 at the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, Hyderabad (India)

This Training-cum-Workshop aimed to deliberate on ways to strengthen the extensionpolicy interface so as to fortify EAS delivery in India. Dr PVK Sasidhar reflects on his participation at this event.

Dr PVK Sasidhar is Director, School of Extension and Development Studies, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi-110068, India. E-mail:



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  • Thanks for circulating MEETING NOTE 43 Training – cum – Workshop on Strengthening Extension – Policy Interface I read the report of Dr. Sasidhar with interest as he has nicely summarized the proceedings and his note provides useful information. It was good to note that the workshop was well planned and that there was participation of persons from state departments. I was looking for mention of States that have formulated Agriculture Extension Policy with an Implementation Plan and I wish there was discussion on existing Agri. Extension Policies of some of the States (taken as an exercise) right from the Process adopted for formulation of policy to the structure of final document. Policy document of GOI on agriculture related subjects is more of advisory nature since Agriculture is a State subject. My limited experience of involvement in policy formulation in some states is very discouraging since desired/recommended process is usually not followed and most documents do not have an implementation plan. Dr. Mahesh Chander and Dr. Sasidhar have discussed their experiences regarding engagement in policy formulations related to Livestock/Poultry sector but the report does not indicate whether they found policy recommendation for Extension in the policy document related to these sectors and if not – probable reasons for that. In case the GOI document on Agri. Extension Policy is available in soft form please mail it for my reference and please provide me list of states where Agri. Extension Policies are made out and approved by respective cabinets.

  • Happy to see this Meeting Note, which has nicely captured the major issues discussed in the workshop. Congratulations to Dr Sasidhar and AESA for this nice report on the workshop. It was pleasure for me to be part of this important exercise towards improving extension practice in India.