Towards a malnutrition-free India: Best practices and innovations from POSHAN Abhiyaan

While India’s malnutrition rates have dropped dramatically, the country is still home to the largest number of stunted and wasted children in the world. Owing to the cultural and geographical variance across states, combatting malnutrition requires a granular approach. POSHAN Abhiyaan, the government’s national nutrition mission launched in 2017, aims to provide a convergence mechanism for the country’s response to malnutrition. This special report maps India’s nutritional journey, describing past and current nutrition programmes and exploring their successes and weaknesses. It highlights the experiences of India’s northern states in implementing POSHAN Abhiyaan so far, with the aim of finding ways to scale-up innovative techniques adopted by the states. The report concludes with specific recommendations towards reaching the 2030 SDG of eliminating malnutrition.