Integrated Food and Nutrition Security Phase Classification (IPC): Provision of Reliable IPC Analysis for Evidence-Based Information for Decision-Makers to Better Respond to Food Crises and Acute Malnutrition

The IPC has been used to inform evidence based decision making in Yemen and to provide standards to inform emergency programming, as well as being the primary source for food nutrition security resource mobilization The most recent IPC indicated that alarming levels of food insecurity and acute malnutrition have returned to Yemen and that the risk of famine is looming with unprecedentedly high malnutrition rates According to the latest analysis, persistently high levels of food insecurity with increasing food consumption gaps are evident in most governorates, despite the current levels of humanitarian assistance The principal driver of the food crisis remains the ongoing conflict, which has caused widespread infrastructural damage, population displacement, deteriorating macroeconomic conditions with accelerated inflation, disrupted livelihoods, and falling household incomes, humanitarian access constraints, disruption of public services and fuel crises.