AESA: The First Six Years (2013-2019)

Agricultural Extension in South Asia (AESA) network was formed to meet the demand for a network of all those interested in extension and advisory services (EAS) articulated in some of the global and regional consultations on extension organised by the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS). AESA was established in early 2013 as a virtual platform with a website ( and a Facebook group named as Agricultural Extension in South Asia ( These efforts helped in identifying several key individuals and organisations interested in contributing to the AESA network. AESA is hosted by CRISP at Hyderabad, India.

Over the past six years, AESA has emerged as a credible platform for those interested and involved in Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) in the region. Sustained efforts in the last six years have contributed to the development and promotion of new knowledge on extension research and practices and has influenced policies on EAS in the region. There is scope to accomplish a lot more to enhance EAS’s contribution to transforming agriculture in South Asia.



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  • Happy to see this document, which very objectively narrates 6 years journey of AESA. Over the years, AESA could deliver outstanding work on Knowledge Management through various products and it was my pleasure to be associated with many of these activities which were enriching and helpful in professional development.Its because of the seriousness and commitment to professionalization of Agricultural extension discipline, AESA is gaining grounds especially among committed new generation of Extensionists who wish to see this discipline growing and earned reputation it deserves among the policy makers.The documents produced by AESA like Blogs, Good practices Notes, working papers, including regional workshops, policy dialogues are well appreciated by the forward looking extension professionals in the region.I wish continued services of AESA for the growth of extension discipline across the region and the world. Finally , I wish to congratulate AESA for very effective and successful six years, while looking forward to see to be ready for the bigger challenges & opportunities in the discipline.

    • Hearty congratulations. My sincere applauds to AESA for committed professionalism and dedicated service in the discipline of Agricultural Extension. Special appreciation for the valuable and informative documents produced by AESA. Wish u all the best in for many more milestones in future coming years.

  • Pleased to go thru this compilation of activities of AESA – which has become a good source of knowledge, information and views on Agri. Extension through a variety of ways. AESA provides a very convenient and user friendly platform for interaction between academicians and practitioners. There is so much to be done not only in terms of dissemination of information and technology from centres of kowledge and research but also to find ways to learn from and about small holder producers and meet newer challenges that keep cropping up. And for this purpose Six Years is not much – we have a long way to go and I am sure AESA will find innovative ways of meeting the challenges and making Agri. Extension (research and practice)more effective in South Asian countries.