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Taking Stock and Shaping the Future: CONVERSATIONS ON EXTENSION

During the last six years (2013-2019), the Agricultural Extension in South Asia (AESA) Network has served as a platform for collating the voices, insights, concerns, and experiences of people in the extension sphere of South Asia. Diverse professionals shared their concerns on the present and future of Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) in the form of blog conversations for AESA. Together, all of these individuals who are involved, interested and passionate about EAS, discussed ways to move beyond some of the seemingly intransigent problems that are hindering the professionalization of EAS. Nevertheless, these blogs also take the time to celebrate and salute the signs of promising new beginnings.

This publication is an effort on our part to compile 100 such conversations on EAS, which were originally published as AESA blogs, starting in February 2013, into this book. Several of our readers have been asking us to assemble all these reflections into a single document so that these are available as a good reference document for a wide spectrum of actors involved in EAS – scholars, practitioners, trainers, faculty, innovation intermediaries, mentors, leaders and managers – all of whom are involved in driving agricultural and rural transformation.





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  • Nice to see the new publication from AESA by synthesizing the AESA blogs. The publication can be seen as an Extensiopedia on contemporary topics, as suggested by Sri. Suresh Kumar Sir, former Additional Chief Secretary & Principal Secretary (Agriculture), in one of his previous blogs. This collection will be really useful to all extension professionals, researchers and scholars in understanding various issues and topics of extension.

  • Very nice document.. CONGRATULATIONS to AESA and CRISP team and all the contributors for the great efforts.

  • This is an invaluable document resulted from the dedicated efforts of the several extensionists working with different institutions at various levels. I do not see any single book which has so much to offer in the field of extension on variety of topics of contemporary interests. On personal level, I am happy to see out of 100, 11 blogs were contributed by me, right from the very first blog when AESA started published blogs at this platform. This is going to be a very important resource material for all those preparing for various competitive exams including ARS. Congratulations to all the authors, the editors & AESA for bringing out such a useful publication for the good of the Extension & Advisory Services.

  • Great work and nicely organised theme wise. Every extension professional should keep this book handy for reference. Thank you AESA team

  • Great work to prove How perfect extension make changes in grass root development…congrats to the authors for their committed work to bring such an interesting story of the prospects of sustainable development .

  • “I congratulate Dr.Rasheed and his team for coming out with a wonderful compilation of 100 blogs contributed by 89 authors covering all important aspects of EAS and making it easy for the readers to get all the important publications in one place. No wonder, AESA emerged as a credible platform for extension professionals in south Asia
    This compilation as hoped by the authors will lead to experimentation and reflection among extension professionals. I also wish that many of our colleagues will be initiating discussion on AESA publications which will encourage and motivate the youngsters to come forward to participate in discussion”.

  • Excellent work. This is become a platform for sharing of Eminent extensionists ideas and experience . I got valuable opportunity of publication of 100 block on public private partnership approach for tea smallholding sector

  • Very nice document.. CONGRATULATIONS to AESA and CRISP team and all the contributors for the great efforts.

  • You and your Editorial team deserves compliments for this great effort at compiling contributions of diverse professionals on EAS during the last 6 years. I particularly liked the way contributions are grouped in the publication making it easier to choose/select articles of interest. I hope extension professionals will take full benefit of this publication; I also hope you and your colleagues in CRISP will continue to encourage contributions from extension professionals as well as interaction between those involved in research and teaching with those involved in field application and develop innovative ways to make extension advisory services more effective – for the benefit of small holder producers.

  • Great effort and appreciate the entire AESA team. Its a true Encyclopedia on Extension. Glad to see so many downloads within 3-4 days.

  • A wonderful publication which shares the lifetime experiences of Extension practitioners ,which is a readymade handbook of knowledge on Extension.This book should be introduced as a compulsory assignment for Agriculture students in RAWE programme

  • Hearty congratulations CRISP/AESA Team
    The book is really interesting. Points of current importance have been intricately weaved into the chapters in a narrative manner. Truly inspiring. Feeling happy to read a wonderful compilation after a long time.