Gender Guide/Tools/Manuals

TAAT Gender Mainstreaming Guide

Gender considerations are of utmost importance in agricultural technology development, dissemination and use, as these considerations confer good dividend to the overall impact of technology adoption. Hence, the Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) Project consider gender as very important component and demand that gender should be integrated through designing and implementing interventions, amongst others.

To this effect, Capacity Development Outreach Compact (CDTO) delivery infrastructure led by Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) has included the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development, AWARD, to facilitate gender mainstreaming in all CDTO activities to support the mainstreaming of gender into the CDTO enabler compact of the TAAT. In partnership with AWARD, the CDTO compact enabler designed this gender mainstreaming guide to systematically incorporate consideration for gender-related dimensions and ensure equitable access to agricultural technologies.

As part of developing the gender mainstreaming guide, AWARD undertook a gender assessment targeting CDTO partners. The gender assessment weighed gender inclusion within organizational technical capacity, political will, organizational culture and accountability; this process included reviewing organizational policies, project documents, structures, operations and budget development.