Private sector extension /PPP

Strengthening Private Sector Extension and Advisory Services Portfolio Review

The Executive Summary synthesizes findings in a framework to guide planning and investments in agricultural extension and advisory services. Subsequent sections provide background on EAS system development; potential and issues with private sector EAS; findings from the portfolio review; and options for project investments in EAS. A final section summarizes recommendations for USAID in planning future EAS investments to promote private sector EAS. Attachment E contains the portfolio reviews for the 28 countries.
The study is based on a global review of experience and synthesis of lessons learned across countries. The individual country portfolio reviews were done as desk studies of available materials. DLEC acknowledges the invaluable assistance from more than 46 USAID staff, who contributed materials and/or comments for these reviews. Given time and resource constraints, country reviews are not necessarily comprehensive or completely up-to-date. Additional review and field assessment will be necessary to confirm findings and develop plans for any future country investments in extension and advisory services.