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Role of Social Scientists in National Agricultural Research System (NARS)

Social sciences when reinforced with biological sciences will provide human face of science, because science is for society and hence science without human face is body without soul. Social sciences study the nature, measurement and analysis of needs and aspirations of people so that science can continuously remain relevant and contribute to the welfare of mankind. Specifically, social sciences help organize research and education around societal problems in scientific disciplines by improving focus, design, implementation, evaluation and demonstration of evidences of impact. It is to be noted that despite having so many scientists, scientific establishments and universities in India, our science index is low, human development index is low and our hunger index is alarmingly high. It is time that social sciences of agricultural economics, agricultural extension, agricultural statistics, food and nutrition and home sciences get due attention to play their role as ears and eyes of the National Agricultural Research and Education System (NARES). It has been largely felt that while social sciences could play a larger role currently within NARES, their role is not adequately recognized and more needs to be done to duly recognize them and strengthen the capacities of social scientists.