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Call for submissions: Best practices in sustainable management of high altitude rangelands/wetlands in the Hindu Kush Himalaya

ICIMOD is seeking submissions of best practices in sustainable management of high-altitude rangelands and wetlands for sustaining the multiple ecosystem services of the rangelands and the social resilience of the rangeland-dependent communities.

This call seeks to draw upon the collective expertise of practitioners, researchers, indigenous knowledge holders, and stakeholders, allowing for exchange of insights and innovative approaches that can contribute to the preservation and revitalization of these vital ecosystems.

We aim to promote regional learning on best practices and innovative approaches that sustain the multiple ecosystem services of high-altitude rangelands/wetlands in the HKH region while providing good resources for the adaptation and transformation of rangeland-dependent or pastoral communities. The selected best practices cases will be compiled and published as a compendium of best practices for wider dissemination.

Selection criteria
Submissions will be selected based on the following criteria:

Full application: Applications must be complete in all aspects. Incomplete submissions will not be accepted.
Relevance: The featured practice must align with the objectives of addressing the issues of high-altitude rangelands and wetlands.
Impact and benefits: The practice must demonstrate or have the potential to demonstrate positive impacts on its intended community. The practice must clarify the extent to which it can bring about positive change, improvements, or benefits to the communities.
Effectiveness: The practice must have worked and achieved measurable results. Submissions that provide clear and quantifiable evidence of the results achieved are more likely to be selected.
Scalability and replicability: The practice must possess the potential for scaling up in the larger HKH context. Practices that can be adapted and replicated in the diverse contexts of the HKH will be prioritised.
Innovation and creativity: The featured practice must highlight aspects of creative solutions, adaptive management, or innovation related to the sustainable management and conservation of rangelands and wetlands and their multiple values
Reliable data and evidence: Submissions that are supported by solid evidence, research, or data will be prioritised.
Economic sustainability: The proposed practice must be economically viable both in the short term and in the longer term.
GESI-friendly: The practice must be responsive to Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI).
Note: A best practice should meet at least the full application, effectiveness, and relevance criteria in addition to one or more of the other criteria. A best practice may not meet all the above criteria.

Funding and obligations
Twenty selected best practices will be announced on 30 March 2024. The winning applicants be provided with funding (amount on case basis) for further documentation of the practice. The documented cases will be compiled and published for wider dissemination.

Disclaimer: the primary focus of the call is on rangelands, with wetlands as an important interface

Interested applicants may submit the online application form available here.

We look forward to receiving your submissions on the sustainable management of high-altitude rangelands and wetlands.


Tasks  Deadlines
Call for submissions 3 November 2023
Submission deadline 15 January 2024
Evaluation and selection of best practices 15 February 2024
Announcement of selected best practices 30 March 2024
Submission of best practices – full document 30 June 2024
Compilation and editing of the compendium 30 September 2024
Release of the compendium November 2024