It was only seven years back, in 2014 that AESA (Agricultural Extension in South Asia) started its journey in Asia. Despite the funds limitation AESA has performed extremely well, though it could have probably done much more if it had adequate funds. This has happened primarily because of the dedication of its founding members to keep moving against all odds. Today AESA is very well-known within the agriculture extension fraternity. Its knowledge management products are highly appreciated. AESA’s founding members strongly feel that the time has now come to take a leap and achieve much more – systematically and sustainably. These founding members strongly feel that the priorities that were identified in 2014 are extremely good and are valid even today. Taking these priorities into the next six years, AESA needs to consolidate what it does well and find ways to achieve what it hasn’t been able to achieve yet. Analyzing the current status of the priorities, strength and weakness of AESA, in the next five years AESA will focus on the following strategic directions:

  1. Consolidating knowledge management;
  2. Strengthening capacity building;
  3. Increasing members and followers;
  4. Establishing remaining country forums;
  5. Institutionalizing AESA;
  6. Enhancing resource mobilization; and
  7. Continuing with its global contributions on extension and advisory services.
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