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Good Practices for Promoting Gender Equality Through Rural Advisory Services: Case studies from Ethiopia, India and Peru

FAO (2022)
This document includes three case studies from three continents and the good practices for promoting gender equality through RAS of the studied organizations as well as a collection of recommendations drawn from the good practices.

The INDIA case was from PRADAN (Striving to develop women’s identity as farmers: a case study of PRADAN, India) and authored by Nimisha Mittal & Rasheed Sulaiman V from the Centre for Research for Innovation and Science Policy (CRISP) and Hajnalka Petrics & Kelsey Barale from FAO

The objective is to support RAS providers to adopt and adapt these good practices so that they can design and deliver truly gender-responsive services. The case studies confirm that to provide truly gender-equitable RAS, holistic approach and systemic change are needed: the entire RAS system, including policies and institutions, staff attitudes and capacities must change. The perspective of gender equality need to become integral guiding principle within the enabling policy and organizational environment and culture.