Natural Resource Management Policy

24-hour Global Marathon for Sustainability – Food for Earth (2021)

The FAO elearning Academy together with Future Food Institute, organized the second edition of the 24-hour Global Digital Marathon for Sustainability entitled: “Food for Earth”, in 2021. The event was a knowledge sharing collaborative initiative, fully aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030 and FAO’s Strategic Framework. The Marathon has proven to be an extremely powerful initiative to raise awareness among entrepreneurs, startups, scientists, journalists, young leaders, policymakers, general public, farmers and indigenous peoples on the importance of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The publication aims at gathering the multilingual work sessions spread out across the globe, all focusing on the regenerative power of food systems. Overall, the 2021 Marathon had a fantastic global impact, bringing together more than 160 expert voices, in 30 main work sessions, in English, French, Italian and Spanish, reaching more than 150 000 views worldwide, and a global coverage from over 100 online journals, TV channels and networks. In addition, ministers and government representatives from more than 30 countries contributed and endorsed the event. As a result, participating countries have proposed and committed to implement more than 100 climate actions.