Climate change Concepts and Practices

Technical Support in Developing Climate Resilient Coconut-based Farming Systems

Coconut is one of the most important crops in the Philippines the coconut industry is among the top five net foreign exchange earners in the country However, average coconut production is only 46 nuts per tree per year The low yields are caused by poor genetics, nil fertilization, and limited replanting of tree stocks (Department of Agrarian Reform [ 2017 In addition, 20 percent of coconut trees are already senile, and most trees are planted in marginal lands, which also affects yield Climate change induced hazards ( drought El NiƱo, pest and diseases) also affect the productivity of coconut farms According to the recent report of the Philippine Coconut Authority ( about 7 117 364 coconut trees had been infested by coconut scale insect in 11 coconut growing provinces in the country.