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State of Science, Technology and Innovation Skills for Sustainability of India’s Food and Land-use Systems

This scoping study maps the existing information, data and literature on science, technology and innovation (STI) capability, and human resource status and skills requirements in India’s large, complex, and diverse agricultural and allied sectors from the perspectives of sustainable food and land use. This is the first time such a comprehensive review has been undertaken. The study covers a broad conceptual range of capabilities and skills components of India’s food and land-use systems and maps the relevant actors and government institutions along the various stages of the value chain. It develops a framework to guide the exploration of capabilities and skills in a detailed systematic manner, in order to develop appropriate offers for sustainable food systems. It is hoped that this study will provide a richly informed starting point for further investigations to understand and contribute to research, education, practice, and policy in multiple aspects of capabilities and skills in various areas of government, and the academic and extension systems. Being a multi-sectoral report, it identifies highly disparate but critically important actors/institutions and empirical material. The report does not focus on offering a comparative analysis alone, rather it provides an initial diagnosis, mapping and highlighting gaps in knowledge, given the paucity of reliable data in various institutions. This first comprehensive systematic evaluation of the human resources and skills available for India’s food and land use systems is particularly useful for clarifying the vast boundaries of the sector, identifying research and practice gaps, and exploring the connections. It leads to recommendations for the next steps for policy and research.

This scoping study aims to assess the capabilities and skills in India’s agriculture and related sectors in order to underpin its long-term competitiveness and sustainability. To inform policy or actions aimed at addressing agricultural skill shortages and mismatches in the sector, the key issues and skills were investigated.