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BLOG – 61: Reverse Extension: Need for a Relook on the Present Extension Service

Extension needs new theories, frameworks and a shift in its current approach if it has to remain relevant. Reverse extension offers one way of reinventing its future, argues Dr. R. M. Prasad.

Dr R M Prasad is a retired Faculty from Kerala Agricultural University, who had served in KHDP and KMIP (EU funded projects in Kerala), NIRD, Hyderabad and Government of Meghalaya. Presently, he is the General  Secretary of Farm Care Foundation, Thrissur, Kerala (email:



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  • This blog of Dr.Prasad makes an interesting reading and I congratulate him for bringing into the fore several issues. Dr.Prasad is very right in advocating “ reverse extension ” as quite often the traditional ways of thinking may be of limited use especially when we are operating in a dynamic agricultural scenario. Yes, it is necessary to change our mode of action from TOT to Capacity building of the farmers. Now it is well recognised that extension is much more than TOT and to preach and practice it, we need to enhance the capacity of extension professionals at all levels. Glad that MANAGE, CRISP and NAARM have initiated joint programmes, which I hope will benefit our extension professionals in serving the farming community in a better way. Simultaneously, we need to think of suitable changes (overhauling ) in the course content at both UG and PG levels. Is there any scope of developing an appropriate syllabus for UG Extension courses ( within the frame work of the allotted credit hours ) to enable the students to understand the challenges the farmers are facing and explore the alternatives to help them?

  • Original thinkers should be encouraged. Extension Education is very dynamic subject. The variability in the subject is so high that it can shelter many original thinkers. Mostly we think from the theory to practice. May be the “Reverse Extension Professional” will analyse the achievements and failures to come out new concepts. However, thinkers must develop respect for each other. Some of us are little critical, not of the concept but the originators of the concepts. We should be critical to the concept after paying due regard to the person who originated it. Let such concepts be a tribute to all the original thinkers in the profession. Dr. S. N. OJHA

  • You have given a new dimension to the subject. Such innovative ideas are encouraging. Existing sucess stories and failyures may be analysed and we may reverse back to design a system from the lessons learnt. Extension is dynamic and many innovative thinkers like you are enrisching this profession. I salute to them.

  • Another noteworthy and well articulated stuff from Dr. Prasad. The concepts and ideas are relevant and deserve attention of all.

  • As you know Extension Education course contents, philosophy, methods, tools and techniques are very sound. However, extension services & approaches are changing with the need of the hour. Since the beginning, its focus has been on farming systems i.e. farmers/farm women, their environment, devices, practices etc. I agree, the extension services need to be re-looked and shaped according to location-specific demands and requirements encompassing all farming/non-farming and allied components.

  • I enjoyed reading the blog and the concept of reverse extension is very comprehensive and makes immense sense in the changed context. But embodies several suggestions suggested by modern thinkers from time to time and can be labored on to sensitize many who have not understood extension/extension education/public extension front-line extension till now but leading the discipline/domain and its fate. Heartiest congrats to Dr.Prasad whom I know and respect a lot

  • Sir, you are leader in reforming extension. We all should introspect and contribute towards it in a big way. This could be apt topic for 1st International Extension Congress to be held in Nov 2017. Congrats.