Bangladesh Livestock / Fisheries

Promoting the Development of Livestock Value Chains in Bangladesh to Reduce Poverty

Bangladesh is a low income economy. The livestock sector is not only a source of income and nutritious food for rural households, it also generates employment for a growing population in the country, particularly for young men and women. The project responded to the request of the Government of Bangladesh to promote the development of the livestock sector, and was aligned with its national priorities and development strategies. It was also designed to respond to opportunities created through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), launched by the Government of China to promote regional economic development and infrastructural support in 2017, as well as to International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) China’s support for South South Cooperation (SSC). The project aimed to identify value chain upgrading opportunities and carry out the pilot implementation of selected upgrading models and strategies, to support the inclusive and sustainable development of dairy and beef value chains in the southwestern region of Bangladesh, particularly for the benefit of smallholder producers and agro entrepreneurs, and through knowledge and experience exchanges via SSC with China.