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BLOG-74: Productivity enhancement of Srilankan dairy farmers through training

Extension faculty should help students gain sound practical experience so that they become good extension professionals. Extension Majors of University of Peradeniya, Kandy, Sri Lanka recently organized a training on ‘Productivity Enhancement of Sri Lankan Dairy Farmers’ as part of their course-work. Ms. Kumudu Ariyawanse shares this indelible experience!

Ms. Kumudu Ariyawanse is a fourth year BSc. (Ag. Tech. & Mgt.) student of Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.



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  • A well organised training programme which helped the students in acquiring skills and in developing confidence in organising effective training programme for the farmers. I appreciate the efforts of the Faculty of Agri. Extension in this endeavour. We need to learn a lot from this PET. I wonder whether such a programme could be replicated by our Extension faculty . Congratulations to Ms Kumudu on bringing out her experience as a final year Agri. student through this blog.

  • Happy to see this blog post coming from Sri Lanka that too on training in dairying. While reading it, I could feel that it was one well conceived and organized training programme. The involvement of Department of Agricultural Extension including the students in capacity development of farmers is one progressive step which many extension departments need to take up in many different areas of agricultural production. We need such blogs and meeting Notes from many countries in the region since most of the contributions in AESA are from India only.Congratulations to Ms. Kumudu Ariyawanse for her excellent efforts, which I am confident will motivate many others to write blogs & meeting Notes.The collaboration of Fonterra Brands Lanka Private Limited is also appreciable since such collaborations make the programmes more meaningful especially when we are looking for collective actions.