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BLOG – 43: Plantwise: Complementing diagnostic and advisory services of extension?

Self- medication kills!! and worst is if the advice flows from a mind vested with intention of self-interest. For decades, the farmers have no other go but the local input dealer shop to share his concern and take a solution. The local extension with its best effort could not possibly reach millions of advice seekers for whom the burgeoning issues of crop loss due to pest and disease are becoming unmanageable. Plantwise, a programme that works with national plant health systems through establishing sustainable networks of local plant clinics addresses this problem effectively argues Dr. Malvika Choudhary.

 Dr. Malvika Chaudhary, Regional Coordinator – Plantwise Asia has over 15 years of experience in developmental projects implementing IPM  and also research and development of bio pesticides (




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  • universities of Agriculture sciences, KVKS,RSKS now adays are making all efforts to reach the technologies to the unreach.However if there is Gap it is because of ignoranance and reluctunce of farmers termed as legards.This is my observation as an NGO working in the feild.

  • Thank you for the great information you had shared.There is a need to change the through establishment of such information delivery system at village level …

  • There exists huge gap between knowledge available with the institutions & the farmers. This can be narrowed in a number of ways towards improving food security scenario. The Plantwise seems to be one good practical way of doing this. Congratulations! & thanks for one good piece of information, which in fact may open many more doors for trying many more ways to narrow the knowledge gap ! Some additional information on this may be found from the correspondence Organized plant health clinics in Asia by Dr M P Srivastava, published In CURRENT SCIENCE,VOL. 106, NO. 3, 10 FEBRUARY 2014, Page 341. This says, in order to provide timely diagnosis for a wide range of ailments and providing remedial measures to prevent huge losses due to the wide range of pests, Asian nations must set up organized plant clinics, thus empowering farmers to improve food security.