Private sector extension /PPP

Partners in Research for Development

The global spread of a new strain of coronavirus reminds us of our increasing global connectedness, with complex flows of people, goods and animals within and between countries. This brings great economic opportunities and efficiencies, but also risks.

Farmers who can differentiate their products and reliably supply agricultural produce can tap into this global marketplace, which can add both security and value to their farming income. This is as relevant to a cocoa producer from Vanuatu as it is to a beef producer from Australia.

This issue of Partners focuses on globalizing agrifood chains. Under our 10-Year Strategy 2018–27, ACIAR is increasingly working further along supply chains, particularly through our Agribusiness Program. Our focus is on being inclusive of smallholder farmers (especially women), on providing healthy, nutritious, safe food, and developing more sustainable and resilient food systems.