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Launch Meeting – The Myanmar Plant Health System Strategy held on 8 September 2016 at Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

The Myanmar Plant Health System Strategy (MPHSS) was launched successfully in Nay Pyi Taw on 8 September 2016. Dr Malvika Chaudhary reflects on her participation at this event.


Dr. Malvika Chaudhary, Regional Coordinator – Plantwise Asia, has over 15 years of experience in developmental projects implementing IPM and also research and development of bio pesticides. She can be reached at


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  • Happy to learn a little more about Plantwise making myself wiser through this well written meeting note, thanks & congratulations to its author Dr Malivika. I am particularly impressed that they could bring all stakeholders at one platform since signing MoUs is a big hindrance to many collaborative efforts in our part of the world. To minimize duplication of efforts and save on resources, it is important that many agencies doing similar kind of work must collaborate/converge but it is easier said than done! I like the hands-on training approach of the Plantwise which makes it unique in its own way and appreciably it is spreading around the world due to the dedicated efforts of its committed staff. I saw its kiosk at 7th GFRAS at limbe too, where the staff was actively promoting its activities. I am confident that CABIs Plantwise program is supplementing & strengthening the extension system in an increasing number of countries including Myanmar. AESA deserves compliments for bringing out such enriching meeting notes on innovative approaches and I appeal to the extension professionals to develop habit of reading these valuable documents to develop their own capacities in areas important for extensionists.