Afghanistan Policy

Investment opportunities in Research, Planning and Policy Directorate, August 2013 Author: Abdul Samad Katawazy

The research paper reflects the work, ideas and generosity of many individuals and organizations both private and public and NGO’s. I offer my special gratitude to Kandahar Dairy Association, Dairy Producers, and UN-FAO, Central Statistics Office, Ministry of Agriculture and AISA regional offices. I also would like to thank AISA’s “CEO” his Excellency Wafiullah Iftikhar, Vice President on Investment Mr. Ibrahim Shams and Director of Research Plan and Policy Mr. Junaidullah Shahrani along with Mr. Abdullah Ludeen the Research Manager for their continuous support. In the meantime, I should express my appreciation to all colleagues in our directorate specially those who provided insightful comments and guidance throughout this study. Mr.Ahmad Zaki, Mr.Hanif Rostam, Dr.Fazal Rabi, who worked with me throughout this research in data collection, conducting surveys, on site and provincial visits. Last but not least, I am grateful of Syed Mabobuullah Rabani who also spent his valuable time proof reading this research paper.

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