How to prevent land use conflicts in pastoral areas

This How To Do Note (HTDN) is focused on how the increased levels of conflict over land and natural resources in pastoral areas can be prevented and/or if existing already, transformed into positive outcomes. It identifies why land tenure is a complex issue within pastoralism; the combination of factors that are contributing to more insecure pastoral tenure and triggering pastoral area conflicts; and introduces some of the frameworks, tools and approaches that can be used as part of project design to reduce the potential for conflict.

This HTDN complements the IFAD Toolkit and HTDN on Pastoralism produced in 2018, and the IFAD Land Tenure Toolkit – Lessons Learned Pastoralism, Land Rights and Tenure produced in 2014 that provide an introduction to pastoralism, and land tenure and governance systems supported. The objective of this Note is to provide guidance that project developers and others need to consider when working on IFAD projects in pastoral areas, in recognition of the heightened sensitivity of land and resource issues.