Guidelines For Adoption of ICTS in Rural Extension to Face and Overcome Emergencies

This policy note is a proposal by the Latin American Network for Rural Extension Services (RELASER) to guide the adoption
of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Rural Extension services to face and overcome emergencies.

The emergencies generated by the effects of climate change, the high conflicts in the continent, and now by COVID-19, challenge the Rural Extension services to external changes. Today, these emergencies threaten the possibility of maintaining supply chains and food security and the life and well-being of the population.

The risks generated by these emergencies require a new approach to the adaptation, mitigation, and action processes. There is no doubt about the leading role that ICTs play in this context since they facilitate action during moments of crisis and generate a sustainable plan for the post-emergency. In this scenario, this policy note indicates the elements that must be taken into account in a roadmap that allows the efficient incorporation of ICTs into Rural Extension.