Fall armyworm in Asia: a guide for integrated pest management

This publication on Fall Armyworm in Asia: A Guide for Integrated Pest Management is intended as a comprehensive IPM-based technical guide that can be used as an up-to-date decision support tool for sustainable management of the pest, especially in the maize-based cropping systems in Asia. Development of a comprehensive IPM-based manual was identified as one of the high-priority interventions during the Stakeholders Consultation Workshop on Fall Armyworm Management in Asia, organized jointly by USAID, CIMMYT, ICRISAT, CGIAR Research Program on Maize (MAIZE), and CGIAR Research Program on Grain Legumes and Dryland Cereals (GLDC), at ICRISAT, Hyderabad, India (May 1-3, 2019).

CIMMYT, as the main implementing partner, sincerely acknowledges the funding support received from U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), under the Feed the Future initiative, and from the CGIAR Research Program on Maize (MAIZE), to make this publication possible.

This publication is the result of contributions of experts from several institutions to whom we express our deep appreciation. While formulating various chapters in this manual, the authors considered relevant lessons from dealing with FAW in both Asia and Africa, recognizing on the one hand the inherent differences in the Asian and African farming contexts and landscapes, and on the other hand the possible commonalities when it comes to interventions against transboundary pests like FAW.