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BLOG – 86: Extension Census -The Prerequisite for Strengthening Extension

Without having sufficient knowledge of ‘who is doing what’ in the increasingly pluralistic extension and advisory landscape, the country would fail to achieve convergence and provide quality extension support to farmers, argues Shri Suresh Kumar.


Shri Suresh Kumar, former Additional Chief Secretary & Principal Secretary (Agriculture),  Government of Maharashtra acted as the Chairman of the 12th Plan “Working Group on Agricultural Extension for Agriculture and Allied Sectors” constituted by the Planning Commission.  (



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  • Congrats to Suresh Kumar Sir for a thought provoking blog on extension census. Though you have suggested innovative ideas like community of practice earlier, they are still to be discussed, debated and acted upon by our extension fraternity, which disturbs me. Sir, I may flag the following for your response – Who is doing what is important,. Equally or more important is how. – Its not the quantity alone, quality of manpower is also a critical factor – The concept of convergence and various types and forms of convergence should be clear to the extension personnel I still doubt whether they have properly conceived this concept. – The roles are not clearly defined and depicted in the DFI report you have mentioned There is need for much role clarity. For instance, there is duplication as in the case of facilitation. – To me it appears that instead of extension census, extension audit would be more meaningful, since this captures the quality of service also. – Sir, you have indicated in one of the interactions that competence of extension personnel should be mapped, which is very much needed. Hope CRISP/AESA will attempt on this

  • Extension census is really an aspiring concept. It should not be restricted to macro level, but should be done at micro level also.It can take into account the regional variation in existence and performance of various agencies. During peoples plan program of Kerala, details various agencies at gram panchayat level and their potential involvement were compiled.

  • An excellent blog. The DFI committee report talks about creation of a National level Ranking Framework for Extension Service Providers (NLRFW) to facilitate formation of healthy and functional PPPs (Page 38) with MANAGE and Extension division of ICAR identified as the nodal agencies. Perhaps this is pointing to the same needs as articulated in this blog, at least partly.

  • It is a timely, well written blog to initiate action to collect, maintain, analyse, use and periodically update needed details for systematically planning expanding pluralistic extension landscape in the country. The tips provided are from a wise expert and should be pursued to meet his vision and promote farmers welfare. I also feel that MANAGE is the right nodal institution to steer this great task