Natural Resource Management Nepal

Enhancing Rural Livelihoods in Underutilized/Abandoned Agricultural Land through Agroforestry

Nepal is facing an increasing problem of underutilization/abandonment of agricultural land In the context of food insecurity and poverty across rural communities, the growing current scale of abandonment of agricultural land has become one of the key development challenges in recent decades As a result of this trend, rural hill districts are currently experiencing food insecurity due to a lower rate of production and productivity per hectare This has created a challenge in terms of feeding a growing population In this context, the only way to address the problem of food insecurity is to increase agricultural production and the productivity of available land In order to address this emerging issue, as per the request and cooperation of the Government of Nepal, FAO and the International Union for Conservation of Nature ( implemented the pilot project, “Enhancing rural livelihoods in underutilized/abandoned agricultural land through agroforestry” with the objective of identifying and assessing approaches for implementation of so called “best bet” agroforestry options that have the potential to generate production and income from abandoned agricultural land.