Empowering rural youth through farmers’ organizations

This paper captures and synthesizes key approaches, strategies and lessons for empowering rural youth in the Asia-Pacific region from farmers’ organizations (FOs) and regional and international development agencies.

The paper dives deep into the initiatives and strategies employed in the region and beyond that empower rural communities, especially rural youth. It presents a synthesis of what has worked well in the field, strategies and approaches employed by FOs and development agencies, and methods for leveraging the comparative advantage of FOs in offering sustainable rural livelihoods for youth. It also highlights the efforts by FOs to address the challenges rural youth face in terms of productivity and socio-economic factors.

The paper draws upon data gathered from interviews and a survey (conducted remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic) of 19 FOs in the Asia-Pacific region, along with representatives of development agencies and FO networks working with rural youth.