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BLOG-68: DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES – Big Data and Internet of Things in Strengthening Extension & Advisory Services

Future Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) needs to strategize convergence of big data with disruptive technologies such as mobile/cloud computing, Internet of Things, location-based social networks etc. Dr Shaik N Meera presents a framework to exploit these developments to strengthen EAS provision in this blog.

Dr Shaik N Meera is a Principal Scientist at the ICAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research and is a pioneer in digital extension movement in India. He is a Digital Optimist and is involved in creating an ecosystem for shaping ICTs; knowledge & innovation management, capacity building and large scale demonstration strategies for Indian rice sector. Mailid:,



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  • Thanks for circulating this very interesting AESA Blog – 68 by Dr. Meera on Disruptive Technologies for strengthening EAS – looks very exciting. While the word Disruption has a negative connotation Dr. Meera has done a good job of describing the positive side. The word Disruption is now in vogue to describe developments like Surgical Strike to destroy training camps of terrorists across Pakistan border or Demonetisation and more recently Selection of a Yogi as CM of UP. I am tempted to mention that a few (4 to 5) decades back while discussing / planning Rural Development we used to often emphasise need for an approach that is based on Departure from Trodden Path or Conventional approach for achieving desired goal. Dr. Meera has discussed the subject based mostly on aspects related to Input supply and Marketing and I wish he considers application / usefulness of Disruptive Approach to aspects like Improving Awareness, Knowledge, Social Mobilisation that are equally crucial – may be considered as Sufficient Condition for sustainable development. I seek some clarification in view of impression created by the write up – it looks that without Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Location based Social Network the Disruptive Process cannot be started. Big Data in Agriculture in general and Livestock Production in particular is likely to be a major constraint. I would eagerly look forward to his next paper and hopefully it provides examples of Disruptive approach that has been used for improving productivity in a manner that was found beneficial for small holder farmer

  • I enjoyed reading it as it reflects your matured understanding of Future-of-Things in EAS. I am convinced that each one of those disruptive innovations singly or in combination can make agri-business smart, paying and bring smiles to small and marginal farmers. In fact some of them in a limited scale proved their worth. But my worry these days is not such promising options but people and institutions who/which will make these options/promises reach/workable system wide. Number, capacity, interest, commitment is missing! Hope and wish Meeras will multiply and saturate the system with disruptive innovations in EAS and their grass root applications with all round benefits.I really enjoyed your depth of narration and passion in it!

  • Dear Dr Shaik Meera, Congrats! It is by far one of the best I have read in recent times depicting the futuristic picture of ICTs in Agri. I wish that you enrich it further and publish it as a review article in some top-rated journal as well.

  • Very nice article ….the way in which Dr. Meera introduced the disruptive techo nologies is excellent and comparison of obur app with supply chain management is thought provoking.. opinion in this concern is that we can have disruptive technologies to transfer but the technologies which we transferring should be need based for farmers, in this point only we still lacking…. Best wishes for Dr. Meera for bringing a very excellent article in extension and what he said about big data is also need of the hour….

  • Appreciation and congratulations to Dr. Meera, you and Team@AESA-GFRAS for this thought provoking and forward looking blog.

  • Congratulations! Dr Meera, as expected it is a very rich, well articulated and eye opener Blog. I particularly liked the way it has been written maintaining a good flow of thoughts all through the blog. Disruptive technologies are exciting because they challenge established patterns and the way we do things, are we ready for digital disruption in extension? business as usual is the anti-thesis of disruptive innovation- when we compare these points with what actually we have been doing, it shows we are not ready to change the way we have been doing things. Take for example, social Media use for professional reasons- hardly a few are coming forward to offer their comments and share their ideas. Mostly extension professionals are reluctant or only passive users of Social media. sometime, I find the farmers more active in social Media like WhatsApp for agriinformation sharing than the extension professionals. Anyway, I found this blog an excellent contribution from you and AESA deserves appreciation for bringing out such a brilliant contribution once again.