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Consultative Workshop Learning Needs Assessment for Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture in India: Integrating Nutrition Objectives into Agricultural Extension Programmes and Policies

Equipping Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) with nutrition knowledge, competencies and skills is essential to promote NSA. However, capacity development efforts need to be strengthened through a systematic approach based on a better understanding of needs, challenges and interactions at and among all institutional levels, from front-line workers to policy makers. In Telangana, a learning needs assessment was undertaken to understand the learning gaps, needs and obstacles to integrate nutrition-related objectives into agricultural programmes and policies. The assessment tried to explore :

  1. all the opportunities and challenges to integrate nutrition-related objectives into agricultural programmes and policies;
  2. capacity needs of the EAS providers as well as at organizational and enabling environment level, which include institutional set-ups, opportunities and challenges for strengthening capacities to integrate nutrition outcomes in their regular tasks and responsibilities; and
  3. knowledge gap for training materials on NSA

Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy (CRISP) and Agricultural Extension South Asia Network (AESA), organised the Consultation workshop on “Learning Needs Assessment for Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture(NSA) in Telangana” on the 3rd of January 2020 at Hotel Mercure, (6-3-551, Road No 1, Banjara Hills/Somajiguda), Hyderabad. This workshop was organised to validate the findings of the study and to discuss some of these issues with key experts.


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GLNA India-Workshop Proceedings (3-Jan-2020)

GLNA-Finalisation: Global Workshop Report (22 June-1 July 2020)