Value Chain / Markets

Agricultural Extension in the Changing Scenario: Is Social Marketing the Answer?

Shubhomoy Banerjee, Soumi Chatterjee Banerjee and Vanita Yadav
Working Paper 256, Institute of Rural Management Anand (India)

Social marketing is concerned with the provision of social ideas to farmers on the basis of their needs. This paper argues that a marketing perspective will lead to a smoother transition from motivation to action, especially when the goal is to bring about a desired behavioural change. The literature review provided a basis for looking at a social marketing approach towards the provisioning of agricultural extension services by government agencies and various organisations to private extension services. This included various aspects of commercial marketing technology in order to bring about a desired behavioural change within the farming community. The approach is likely to be useful in the present agricultural scenario, especially with focus shifting from increasing food production to a sustainable agricultural system.

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