Advancing Gender Equality through Agricultural and Environmental Research: Past, Present, and Future

This book stands to become the new go-to resource on gender in agriculture. Bringing together contributions from almost 60 authors who expertly straddle gender research and agricultural science, it offers important insights for the wider agricultural research and development communities. A comprehensive synthesis of CGIAR gender research to date, it not only illuminates what we know—and what we don’t know—about the contributions of gender research to development outcomes, but also, and especially, investigates the contribution of agricultural development to gender equality outcomes. The lessons emerging from this synthesis have important implications for work that supports countries to achieve their national development objectives, as well as for our collective approach to meeting global targets such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

This book will be of value to many, informing the direction of research on gender and food, land, and water systems for years to come. I congratulate all those who have contributed to this significant publication, for the quality of their work and their continued commitment to advancing research in this important area.