Bangladesh Livestock / Fisheries

Addressing Feed Shortages through Exploration of Unconventional Feed Resources for Accelerated Livestock Development in Bangladesh

Growing demand for livestock products in Bangladesh offers attractive opportunities for strengthening household level food security, nutrition and rural livelihoods However, the sector’s ability to capitalize on these opportunities is constrained by poor productivity of animals at farm level Scarcity of feeds and fodder is one of the major constraints identified for cattle production in the country In addition to forage scarcity, the cost of feeding represents the largest expense (around 70 percent) in most livestock operations However, the country has many resources that can sustain ruminant livestock, such as agro industrial by products, on which ruminant livestock can survive In view of this, it was necessary to recognize the availability of these resources and use them skilfully Methods include physical, chemical and biological treatments of coarse material Against this background, the Government of Bangladesh requested that FAO provide assistance in the development of animal nutrition The project aimed to increase animal productivity and profitability for beneficiary farmers, leading to better health of animals and decreased costs in the treatment of animals.