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TRAINING : Organic Food Marketing 17-21 February, Hyderabad, India

Organic Food Marketing
17/02/2020 – 21/02/2020
St. Anns Generalate


India has substantial potential for expansion of organic/natural farming owing to many factors, including favorable agro-climatic conditions and initiatives by various state governments.  Currently, India is emerging as a key player in the global arena, exporting over 300 products in 20 different categories to over 20 countries. Additionally, India is the largest exporter of organic cotton and houses the largest number of organic producers in the world. Alongside the developments pertaining to the global markets, the domestic markets are growing at a rate higher than the global
average and are expected to keep growing at a 25% CAGR through 2020.

As the demand for organic food is growing, there are several Farmer Producer Organisations and entrepreneurs are entering into the organic food marketing, Government of India also initiated new rules and regulations through Food Safety and Standards Association of India (FSSAI).

In this context Centre for Sustianable Agriculture and Grameen Academy are organising a five day training program on Organic Retail Marketing. This Training program is targeted at professionals and entrepreneurs who wish to deepen their knowledge within the area of quality management for organic products, as well as marketing and certification of organically produced commodities.The course provides knowledge about the Procurement, Processing, and Marketing of organic food, latest developments in the fields of local marketing of organic products and actual regulations and important certification structures and standards in the India and world-wide. In addition, it includes field visits to farmer cooperatives and organic stores.

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture has been working on developing marketing opportunities for over a decade and the has been supporting a federation of organic farmers owned retail chain ‘Sahaja Aharam‘ which procures, processes and sells Organic food directly to consumers. Sahaja Aharam has over 23 registered Farmers Cooperatives and Producer Companies as share holders.