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TISS-Program on Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation

Tata Cornell Institute, Cornell University and Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) is organizing a comprehensive and distinct training program on ‘Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation’ for Government Officers, Practitioners, Industry Leaders, Academicians and Researchers.

Date: January 6-10, 2020

This one-week Executive Training program for senior managers is structured around four objectives:

  • Policy Analyses develop a critical analysis of a policy intervention, its implementation process, and the sequence by which a policy intervention can bring change.
  • Coherent Systems view evaluation as a system of activities that can be used to demonstrate effectiveness and identify areas for improvement
  • Effective Strategiesdevelop an evaluation strategy that is fully integrated with broader goals on which the success of a given policy and program intervention is based, as well as their effective implementation by organizations.
  • Optimal Capacities assess the ability to leverage internal resources to develop and implement M&E plans and determine areas where additional skills and capacities are needed

The workshop will also include a briefing on some of the latest technical innovations in policy analysis and M&E space, that can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and utility of the policy and program interventions and the evaluation results.

Number of seats 30

Target Groups Government Officers, Practitioners, Industry Leaders, Academicians and Researchers

Closing deadline October 15, 2019

Pedagogy Classroom lecture, hands-on exercises, discussion, presentation

Resource Persons Prof. Shalini Bharat, Prof. Prabhu Pingali, Prof. Madhushree Sekher, Dr Nikhil Raj, Dr Dhiraj Singh, Prof. Bhaskar Mittra and Dr Geetanjoy Sahu

Fees Structure Rs 25,000 + applicable GST, excluding boarding. Boarding can be arranged at TISS Guest House for a few participants on first come-first served basis.